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Her name is Cinni Mini. That was because it was what her colors reminded me of, the "Cinni Mini's" that Burger King used to sell.

Cinni Mini was born and raised in a kennel until she was six months old. Her breeder had thought her sold twice but each time the buyer backed out before she got to go home. She was shipped to me by Air and I picked her up in Reno while on vacation visiting family and my best friend.

Sadly for me, all of my dogs have been spayed or neutered. So no more puppies on the way. I already miss not having them around and getting to see all those firsts. First drink of water, first taste of food. Being scared of being outside but curious at the same time. Learning how to go up and down stairs.

Luckily for me, I did keep two of our off-spring. They are not going to be bred, but are the best of family members. They are Lolly-Pup and Little Joe, or Joey as he is called most of the time. Lolly was one of Dory's last litter. Dory left us shortly after that along with Lolly's brother to a great home that desperately wanted two small dogs.