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I used to be what's called a backyard breeder, not a Puppy Mill. My dogs are my family, they live with me in my home and not in crates or kennels. We have a nice pet-door which allows them access to our fenced yard whenever they wish. All of our puppies were raised with lots of love and affection from me and the adult dogs.

Sadly for me, all of my dogs have been spayed or neutered. So no more puppies on the way. I already miss not having them around and getting to see all those firsts. First drink of water, first taste of food. Being scared of being outside but curious at the same time. Learning how to go up and down stairs.

Luckily for me, I did keep two of our off-spring. They are not going to be bred, but are the best of family members. They are Lolly-Pup and Little Joe, or Joey as he is called most of the time. Lolly was one of Dory's last litter. Dory left us shortly after that along with Lolly's brother to a great home that desperately wanted two small dogs. I am also fortunate to get to "sit" for two of our off-spring when their Parents need to be away from home.

And Now Meet the Parents

The parents

"Dory" of Gold Acres has been the mother of several litters. She is Black & White in color and weighs approximately 8.5lbs. Dory is medium in size and her puppies tend to appear to be clones of Barkley or herself.
Because she could never be "alpha" in our house and desperately needed to be, she has now gone to a home with a very loving couple. We loved her dearly and we do miss her.

"Cinni Mini"
"Cinni Mini" of Gold Acres has been the mother of six litters. She is Light Chocolate & White in color and weighs approximately 8lbs. She was born to be a "mommy" and has strong instincts for nurturing puppies. She is larger boned and her puppies usually are as well. Cinni Mini is no longer breeding, but instead will be Grandmother to the future litters.

"Barkley" of Gold Acres is our resident Sire. He is Golden Orange & White with Sable. He is the larger size of pom and weighing in at approximately 16lbs. He is not fat at all, but definitely the larger variety Pom. He has a super friendly personality which he passes on to all his offspring. Barkley has now been retired from Stud, but still rules the house and "his" girls.

"Jamoca" of Gold Acres is our beautiful brown Dam. She is Chocolate in color and weighs approximately 8lbs. Jam is small and tends to produce the "puff-ball" type of Pom. She has very soft silky fur that you just love to touch. Her puppies tend to be small to medium in size like their mom and are usually Black with some white or Black & White.