"Pom Pups . com"

Welcome! Please check out the Gallery and Video pages to see past pups. The Puppies page has all the lowdown on current litters and how to contact us if you are interested in purchasing a puppy. It is updated often so check back.

I am what's called a backyard breeder, not a Puppy Mill. My dogs are my family, they live with me in my home and not in crates or kennels. We have a nice pet-door which allows them access to our fenced yard whenever they wish. All of our puppies are raised with lots of love and affection from me and the adult dogs.

We have welcomed a new small female into our family in November of 2012, Lolly-pup. Lolly is Black & White and so very cute. Lolly won't be joining the older girls as a Dam due to a heart condition.

We recently retired both Cinni Mini and Barkley, leaving only Jamoca as our litter producer. We are hoping to find a super new Stud to service her.